Inspiration: On Creativity...

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” George Bernard Shaw
Inspiration: On Creativity...

Small Stones#17
Today, I attended a pre-screening at my local movie arcade.
It was for the upcoming romance-thriller movie Safe Haven,
based on the book by Nicholas Sparks...
Nick spoke about the creative energy and work that goes into writing.
It's not linear, it's hard work...
We imagine it and we create it. True.
Creativity can be messy.
Chaotic, disparate parts come together... magic

More below!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Albert Einstein

Inspiration: On Creativity...

Small Stone#17
Hear, see, speak it... Go create!
It takes hard work and patience
It is contagious... 

What are small stones?
  According to the originators of this wonderful exercise, a small stone is a short piece of writing (prose or poetry) that precisely captures a fully-engaged moment. The process of discovering small stones is as important as the finished product. Searching for small stones will encourage you to keep all your senses; - your eyes,(and ears, nose, mouth, fingers, feelings and mind) open.

Some Food for Thought: How do you support your creativity?  Take a moment to contemplate what creativity means to you? Love and Peace in 2013.

I would love to hear from you: Please leave me a comment. Thank You!

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photographs: Patience is her secret - Phoenix Sculpture, See No Evil - Philip Absolon,  via Wikipedia

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  1. Inspiring! I haven't heard of Safe Haven.. I am intrigue.. :)

  2. TY Aby! I hadn't either until I got the invite. It was an interesting outing... TY for your feedback. :-)

  3. All things start with a little imagination. It is free and it's fun.

  4. Very nice! I agree, creativity creates magic!

  5. True, Daddy Yashiro! Of course, the key is to run with it... TY! :-)

  6. I never heard of Safe Haven too sounds interesting. :)

  7. TY LAA! And sometimes I wish that soulful, rich moment of creativity would stay a bit longer. :-)

  8. It does sound quite intriguing and the interview I saw made sure to hype the upcoming movie. It releases on February 14th. For those who can't wait, there is always the book. :-) TY!

  9. i have heard the movie, it discusses trust...hope to watch this movie soon in our local theaters

  10. Enjoy it Max, The preview was a teaser but I can't say if the movie will be great or not. Let us know when you see it... :-)

  11. Imagination starts all. There are lots of individual becoming scuccessful in their field just becuase of their creative minds and imaginations.

  12. Thanks again Allan,
    Imagination is important to the process and having an active one that is put to use is a great blessing. :-)


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