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Positive Kismet is an inspirational lifestyle blog offering motivational advice, creative expressions, interviews, social media ruminations and spiritual insights. It covers topics on people, places, and events that shape our lives, and focuses on the power of a positive attitude. I believe we can shift our positive kismet/fate by choosing to handle events with an attitude of good cheer/faith. I explore that belief and other related themes in my writings.

 I write two blogs; Mirth and Motivation and Positive Kismet, where I share personal stories, motivational and eclectic lifestyle pieces, haiku, reviews, recipes, and sponsored posts. I'm a mom to twins, a master trainer/educator, real estate broker, writer/motivational speaker, healer and social media fan. I love a good laugh, good food and an occasional jaunt to a new cultural haven in the world.

I tend to view myself as an international nomad because I grew up on three continents, have been exposed to people/places that remain culturally rich and varied, and enjoy traveling/meeting new people. As an avid reader who loves reading across genres, my heart leaps at the chance to read a satisfying book. I love books across the board but I'm partial to nonfiction; especially autobiographies.

My interests in learning, teaching and traveling continue to inform my writings and my work as a training specialist, and I enjoy exchanging ideas on topics that impact our lives. Gratefully, my family, friends and faith have been instrumental to my growth; therefore, I know how important it is to encourage others. I hope you'll extend your blog visit, leave a comment and add your voice to the conversation.

For a sponsored ad/PR effort, please leave me a comment on a recent post, or contact me via email at: Contact@positivekismet.com. You may also connect with me on: LinkedIn, Google +, or on my Twitter accounts: TwitterPk and TwitterEOF
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