BLOG AWARDS - Thank You!

Dear All,
Welcome to Positive Kismet! It's your lucky day and I hope you'll stay a while and read a few posts. While you're here, please accept, as my gift to you, one of the Blogger Awards below. Choose one that fits your blog goals and place it with pride on your blog. What would I want in return? Nothing. Kindly Pay It Forward and offer it out to other bloggers as encouragement. CONGRATULATIONS!

 I received the lovely Stylish Blogger Award (see below)  from one of my favorite bloggers, the ever effervescent, award-wining chef/blogger, Yenta Mary of Food Floozie, and I encourage you to visit her and savor any of her excellent recipes.  Thank you Yenta Mary for bringing me back to the joy of great dining.

AtHomeMoma nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and I am deeply touched because it's so easy to get swept up by the daily demands of our lives and imagine no one is listening. I created this special page both as a reminder to stop and breathe, and as a way to publicly thank the bloggers who shared their gift with me. Do visit these bloggers and say hello.  THANK YOU!!!

I am grateful to have received another blog award; the One Lovely Blog Award. This one is from the fun-loving and always direct Tiffany Little of shhhhhjustbetweenuandme at tlcfree2bme

This equally thoughtful award is from the beautiful, blogger/freelance writer, and busy mom Danielle at WeDontHaveItAllTogether  We all need a bit of encouragement and I thank these bloggers for their awards. Don't forget my gift to you; accept one of these Blog Awards. CONGRATULATIONS! Choose one, place it on your blog, pay it forward and have a phenomenal year. Thank you too!

I believe in positive kismet/fate and write two blogs; Mirth and Motivation and Positive Kismet where I share motivational, inspirational pieces and more. Come back soon!

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