Haiku: Fortitude And A Few More

"Fortitude is the marshal of thought, the armor of the will, and the fort of reason." Francis Bacon

Haiku: Fortitude And A Few More

Rani Laxmi Bai
Son strapped to back fearlessly...
With courage, fought back

Rebels barked like dogs
A cacophony of words
Anger spewed through swords

Rani Laxmi Bai
With grace and fortitude died
Fighting for her land

 This week, the prompt is: Fortitude. Also completing Cacophony & Origami

What is a haiku?
 As Leo of Haiku Heights aptly explains, a haiku is a three line poem. It shows what the author wants us to understand from it, rather than tell it directly. The limitation to a haiku is seventeen syllables. It can be at maximum, that much. If you wish to go by the traditional Japanese structure even with English haiku, you can use a 5-7-5 syllable, or 3-5-3 syllable structure

“Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it.”  Henry David Thoreau
Haiku: Fortitude And A Few More

Tall and majestic
Pine tree rises to meet God
Below, Goats rejoice

Dandelions grow
Around her strong, steady feet
Blooms spread like kisses

A white kite flies by
Desire springs forth in its heart
Rise like the pine tree!

Today, the words are: Zodiac, Onitsura's Voice of the Pine Tree, Tanpopo (Dandelion), Tako (kite), Oborozuki (Hazy Moon), Shuntoo (Spring Lantern)

What is Carpe DiemBlog Owner, Kristjaan Panneman,  describes it as:  "a weblog on haiku. It's a new daily haiku meme where you can write a classical or non-classical haiku on a given prompt. Haiku is an ancient Japanese poetry form. A haiku has three short lines and describes a short moment (as short as the sound of a pebble thrown into water). Mostly a haiku counts 5-7-5 syllables and is sometimes called 'counted verse.'"

More Below!

"She was told, if she folded 1,000 paper cranes the gods would grant her wish, she wished to get well, ... She ended up folding 644 cranes before she died." Sadako Sasaki
Haiku: Fortitude And A Few More
On hazy moon nights
Twisted paper tigers rise
In search of magic

Pretty spring lanterns
Hung in the sacred temple
Made of Origami

Sadako's story
Poignant Origami dreams
Defiant till death

Some Food for Thought: Do you have memories of events that include any of these words? Have you ever been described as a person of fortitude? Take a moment to contemplate what Fortitude, Hazy moon, Origami or any of the suggested words mean to you? Love and Peace in 2013.
I would love to hear from you: Please leave me a comment. Thank You!

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photographs:  Cacophony, Origami craneRani Laxmi Bai - FortitudeJapanese Pine Tree, via Wikipedia, Flickr or my personal collection.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sadako Sasaki's story. It's a sad reality of war.

  2. Fortitude, the cardinal virtue.

  3. Happy Easter, Eliz! I always look forward to reading your haikus!When I was a little girl, my mom taught me to make haikus and I used to make mine with drawing to boot. I loved that pine tree shot. Reminds me of my city (baguio city)

  4. very nice reflections for this season..

  5. Good to see you here again Elize and with a wonderful post full of gorgeous haiku on so much different prompts. Awesome. I am looking forward to your haiku on the Zodiacal signs. Later on today I will post our first Zodiacal sign (Aries).

  6. I love the word fortitude. :)

  7. a really rich post. these are wonderful ^^

  8. Great combo, especially the pine tree one.

  9. Such a big word, fortitude. Someday I'd like to earn that distinction of being described as a person of fortitude. :)

  10. wait - the goats
    are supposed to be above
    not below


  11. what a great set gathering of beautiful words!

  12. 664 cranes...that is something... I only managed making 3 before I stopped. Of course she was doing it for a purpose whereas I'm just trying to while away time. It's a sad story but it made people do acts of kindness.

  13. Thank you all for your comments. My dream is that one day, Blogger will give a comment box that allow us to reply to each person directly. I would love to do so.
    Jazzbumpa first I thought you were kidding me and then I realized what you meant and laughed. Actually, I placed real farm goats in the post and then gave a nod to the goat symbol in astrology.

  14. I AM TIN ! Sadako's story touched me. Thank you too! Kristjaan, I look forwARd to catching up on the zodiac entries. ;-)

  15. Aby, Green Speck, Ella Leslie, and Marie, Easter Greetings to you too! ;-)

  16. Cristiane, Kz, Meikah, Brudberg, thank you for your feedback. I'm glad to be catching up again... It's been a hectic year on all levels. :-)

  17. Vera, Adriana, thank you and yes Fortitude is a beautiful word... :-)

  18. Happy easter! I love the 2nd quotation and agree that being alive is better than dead.

  19. You are doing a fabulous job on this haiku challenge. I particularly loved, Fortitude.

  20. Make peace not war. Let's pray there will be no war again.

    I love your Haikus even if sometimes its malalim :)

    Mommy Maye2

  21. She's a courageous woman...but did she really have her son strapped during the battle? Wow!


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