Haiku: A Tango Or Two...

"Let us read and let us dance -- two amusements that will never do any harm to the world." Voltaire

Shall we dance again?
Do the Tango in the rain...
Argentina style

A Tango for two...
Heat reduced by cool, white suits
Slow, hypnotic dance...

Today, the word is Tango (Argentina)

What is Carpe DiemBlog Owner, Kristjaan Panneman,  describes it as:  "a weblog on haiku. It's a new daily haiku meme where you can write a classical or non-classical haiku on a given prompt. Haiku is an ancient Japanese poetry form. A haiku has three short lines and describes a short moment (as short as the sound of a pebble thrown into water). Mostly a haiku counts 5-7-5 syllables and is sometimes called 'counted verse.'"

 I love dance; all forms of dance. Tango, which originated in Rio de la Plata, part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay, is sensual, undulating and captivating to watch. It remains a competition dance floor favorite. More Below!

"Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances." Maya Angelou

Tango dance or two...?
Asked the hot bloke on the date
I'll take two for sure...

Buenos Aires dip...
Sizzling dancers joined at hip
Argentina style

 Some Food for Thought: Do you dance?  Take a moment to contemplate what dance means to you? Love and Peace in 2013.

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PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photographs:  Tango Couple, Tango Buenos Aires, via Wikipedia, or my personal collection.

Until Next Time…
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  1. A Tango or two...? I'll dance with you. ;-)

  2. The Voltaire quote certainly speaks to MY heart!


  3. Tango is a really difficult dance but wonderful to watch.

  4. I love dance, too but I lived it most during the time of Swing... wasn't able to dance the Tango yet!

  5. Our oldest granddaughter is a wonderful dancer. What dance means to me is the joy of seeing her excel.

    Haiku and tango
    Sweet rhythms of foot and tongue
    Swirls of sight and sound


  6. loved the idea of the heat being diffused by the cool white clothing! Heat from dancing, from lusting, from the hot Argentinian nite!

  7. To me dance is a sacred style of meditating and moving.

  8. Tango sure is hypnotic, the very word captures the zingy rhythm of life.

  9. Wonderful description of the dance. And the Argentina style gets my like.

  10. I love to dance, but I couldn't see myself doing the tango. Tango is such a sultry and sexy dance; I really think I couldn't pull off the sexy dance moves. :) By the way, I got your comment, maybe they can still add you on the list!

  11. Watching the tango is mesmerizing. You sure captured it in you Haiku.

  12. tango is the favorite dance of my grandparents
    like your poems; short but meaningful

  13. I only know basic tango...I envy those who dances well..

  14. I always enjoy watching people dancing tango. I may not know how to dance it; but I can surely appreciate its beauty and grace.

  15. i like to know how to tango! seriously!

  16. Doing tango is one of my frustrations. I love to learn ballroom dancing especially this one which looks like very sexy and complicated.

  17. I don't really dance but I love watching ballroom dancing. Tango is very sensual and the dance is like full of love.

    Mommy Maye

  18. oooh i love the image that second haiku brings! ^^

  19. I love watching dancers do the tango. It is so sensual and haughty and beautiful :)


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