Transitions: Why I Changed My Blog Name

“Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is.” Seth Godin
                                 Change is Scary but it is also Infinitely Good ... for our growth

Today, I decided to change my blogger blog spot name from I Twitter, Therefore I am to Positive Kismet. The decision was not a difficult one but I agonized over it anyway because I had used the other name since I created the blog over a year ago. I love Twitter but the old blog name had been bought and I felt it was the right time and wise to let the name go. I knew that by releasing the name, someone else can use it effectively. This new blog is about healing, encouragement, reflections and positive thoughts. It is also about how our attitudes influence our daily exchanges with people, places, events and life. 

Kismet is fate in Turkish and it makes sense to step out in good fate; I believe that if we act with the expectation that my/our collective destiny is positive, then we open the door to positive experiences and solutions.  I don't mean this in a contrived unthinking way. What I am suggesting is that if we act with clarity, strength, knowledge and a healthy dose of  can-do/positivity, our chances of  a successful outcome and/or clear resolutions increase. Stay a while and share some of your goodwill here... Karma is reciprocal.

What made me decide it was time to change? First of all, my blog was no longer only about Twitter and my twittering as a newbie, but more about a wider range of topics that interested me and hopefully others out there.  Since I spent most of my blogging time on my WordPress blog Mirth and Motivation which I also linked to my Twitter account, I didn't give enough attention or exposure to this blog and it was time for a shake-up. Needless to say, my WordPress related twitter life has grown and so have my interests. I have created a new twitter account for this blog, @positive_kismet, and  plan to take this blog in a somewhat different direction; I trust it will take better shape as I build the content.  Finally, because this blog was no longer attached to my idea of what twitter meant to me as a newbie, I lost momentum and focus. A rebirth was in order...

What else contributed to your decision to change? For starters, I had stopped feeding the hungry blog monster a while back when I decided it should be a monthly blog; not a good idea. A new blog needs more active engagement and marketing and adding content sporadically was dodgy. I love to say the Hungry Blog Monster got mad, then bored, and quickly spat me out, kicked me to the curb, and had a bunch of gamers, spammers and flamers co-opt the old name and run with it in another direction. I am not referencing the folk that bought the domain name at all here. They were/are perfectly fine folk and acted correctly. I am referring to the more dubious types and their shenanigans... Enough said!

Another clear bellwether for change was that I was so out of the loop with my blog until I got a nasty wake-up call one day when I went looking for my blog and I couldn't find it. I found everything under the sun associated with my old Twitter name and that wonderfully famous brand but no blog in site. I had to say,  "Yikes! God bless 'em. I'm Done!"

Additionally, I was reminded, by the unraveling of the old blog, that if you want to have any currency with your blog name, you must add regular content, join communities where you can garner blog support, and buy the freakin' domain name. I gained quite a bit of insight from this very public experience; all good. A key lesson: What's the point in building a blog around a domain name you don't own...? Silly really.  

What is exciting about change? I have a renewed vigor and sense of joy about this blog because I was decisive about my next step. I know I will have to rebuild my blog around the new name, fix the broken links, re-establish my subscriber list, rebuild exposure and a following for it and I am fine with that... In case you're wondering, the name change threw things out of whack and so this is basically a brand new baby blog with growing pains.  I am glad that I have made a fresh start with a less sexy but positive name and I can live with that.  I'd love to hear from you if you have had to change your blog name and what you did that could make my transition smoother. What was your journey like and did you go from one blog spot name to another or to a custom domain name? Please share as this will be helpful to others too.Thank You!

I must give kudos and mega props to  The Real Blogger for the wonderful advice and tips they gave me to help me take the leap and change names. I always try to take a vignette, a lesson, a morsel of wisdom from Seth Godin's rich and genius mind and he might say "Go ahead, do something impossible."  J.D. Meier's excellent article, Lessons Learned  From Seth Godin, gives plenty of Godinisms for thought. Kudos to both Seth and J.D.

Since I recently joined Mom Bloggers and have aligned myself with a slew of bloggers on this platform, I knew it was time to revamp and renew my blog. Kudos to Mom Bloggers too as my membership in that community prompted me to finally do something about this blog. WooHoo!  Update: Also, I joined the SITSGirls 31 Days to Better Blogging Challenge so this new deal is a good thing. Kudos to the ladies there too! If I was going to give this monetized site any energy and find fresh new followers, I needed to change directions.

What other thoughts do you have on the transition? Transitioning from one blog name to another is like giving birth; I am starting afresh and my baby blog needs care - that's okay.  I am pleased I realized that the other blog was practically dead anyway. I was basically carrying a dead fish and it was pointless to continue. Now I am energized by the challenge of rebuilding and shipping new content. Any tips you share will be appreciated. Sending grace, positive kismet and blessings to all bloggers out there... I look forward to connecting with you.

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive. ©
Elizabeth Obih-Frank


  1. Hi Elizabeth, great to meet you! I enjoyed learning about your journey in starting over your blog, it was fascinating if I heard you correctly that you likened it to giving birth to something new. That's an exciting journey! You've got inspiring thoughts and questions.

    I'm following your blog from MBC Simply Follow. Come visit me at http://jinnialow.com

    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Thank you Jinnia,
    I will definitely follow up and say hello! While I continue to renew this blog there are still things I need to learn on blogger. It will all make sense eventually.
    Thnak you Eliz

  3. Just wanted to stop by and check out your blog! The design is amazing I just love it--Great choice! I shall return :) Take care and thank you so much for your kind words on mine! Cheers, Erika <3

  4. Thank you Erika for stopping by too. I like this template as it is one of the new blogger templates available. I customized it a little bit and like the outcome.
    I loved visiting your blog and your list on sites to help with exposure is very good. Thank you! :-)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you now too! :)

  6. I like the new name. Thanks for the follow. I am your latest.


  7. Jill & Valarie,
    Thank you for your comments. I believe I am following back and will make sure to stop by to say hello again and support your blogs.


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