I Twitter, Therefore I am not a twit?

Okay, I am willing to admit a level of ignorance in this venue... Yes, I do blog elsewhere and I have heard of the twitter trend but this is both fascinating and slightly confusing.

On my first twit try, I found myself with 23 connections to follow and 0 followers. What gives? I chose to mark some of them as favorites and send a quick hello via a tweet message; wondering if anyone will follow me and if I will be updated when they burped or yawned?

Will this come back to haunt me if my potential, future followers find I might have nothing to share? I have written a few short, pretentiously pithy comments somewhere out there in twitter world and I am not quite sure what the point is really; but I am excited!

Why not! I can now add this format to my list of socially forward network connections and experiences and my teens can say; "Mom, what the heck?"

Of course, I am an AOL girl but will have to stay in sync with twitter through my gmail account. I can live with that. I have invited a few adventurous friends to come twit with me and only God knows what our general topics will be about... We are a quick-study-bunch so we shall overcome!

Setting up this blog was fun too... right. It was a toss up between the Sand Dollar and Scribe templates. I have increasingly chosen to view myself as a scribe so it won over the dollar which, well, I do need too. Choices, choices, choices.

I will keep you posted on my efforts to navigate this new maze and perhaps share a laugh, a point, an aphorism or two. The goal, of course, is to NOT appear as a total twit.

Until Next Time...
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Elizabeth Obih-Frank


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