Haiku: A Rummage At Hand ... And More

"Toss your dashed hopes not into a trash bin but into a drawer where you are likely to rummage some bright morning." Robert Brault 

Haiku: A Rummage at Hand. Flea Market painting by Troedelladen Thoms

A rummage at hand
Mind games, head trips, heart strings, pulled
Searching for lost love

Digging deeper still
Boy toys, gigolos, manqué
Hiding in plain view

The menagerie
Of dead cats, stuffed dreams, looming
Piled high with pet waste

Rummaging for love
A lovers tiff lingers on
Flea market chaos.

“And in vain does the dreamer rummage about in his old dreams, raking them over as though they were a heap of cinders, looking into these cinders for some spark, however tiny..." Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

A Rummage at Hand: Antonio de Pereda - A Knight's Dream

In a cruel hoax
Under clouds, cloaks, masks, lies love
Jumbled by old dreams

Cleansing our palate
We leave, amid white lies, black tales...
Stumbling our way home

This week, the prompt is: Rummage

What is a haiku?
 As Leo of Haiku Heights aptly explains, a haiku is a three line poem. It shows what the author wants us to understand from it, rather than tell it directly. The limitation to a haiku is seventeen syllables. It can be at maximum, that much. If you wish to go by the traditional Japanese structure even with English haiku, you can use a 5-7-5 syllable, or 3-5-3 syllable structure

Writing on Rummage was a bit of a challenge because it's an action word that combines digging and disorder with stuff; it's easy to forget the chaotic part. It reminded me of relationships, love, the ups and down of life and love ... and the way it all unfolds in a non-linear manner. That is what I chose to focus on. What did you get from the above? Was it clear or chaotic? Feedback is always appreciated. I love Haiku and there is more below.
 More from Carpe Diem Below!

"Love your neighbor as yourself; but don't take down the fence." Carl Sandburg 

A Rummage - Fences - The Israel-Egypt Border by Idoni

Menacing fences
Hold love's tender touch hostage
A wounded heart waits

Leaning for a sip
Love's flooded banks can't resist
Our mended fences

Touched by healing dew
A cold heart thaws eagerly
Love's memories found

A quick morning hug
Stolen by lonely lovers
Love transcends fences...

"Machu Picchu is a trip to the serenity of the soul, to eternal fusion with the cosmos, there we feel our own fragility..." Pablo Neruda 

A Rummage at Hand and more ... Machu Picchu at dawn

At Machu Picchu
Ancient memories bubble
Waiting to be found

One more miracle
Left by ancestral ruins
Dreams unfold at dawn

Magic, Monuments
The weary traveler rests
On healing grounds...

 Today, the words are: FenceTouched by Garry Gay, and Machu Picchu

What is Carpe DiemBlog Owner, Kristjaan Panneman,  describes it as:  "a weblog on haiku. It's a new daily haiku meme where you can write a classical or non-classical haiku on a given prompt. Haiku is an ancient Japanese poetry form. A haiku has three short lines and describes a short moment (as short as the sound of a pebble thrown into water). Mostly a haiku counts 5-7-5 syllables and is sometimes called 'counted verse."

"Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up." Robert Frost

 Some Food for Thought: Are you the rummaging type? What barriers exist around you? How do you view life and love's unpredictability? Take a moment to contemplate what the words: Rummage, Touched, Fences, Machu Picchu mean to you? Love and Peace in 2013.

I would love to hear from you: Please leave me a comment. Thank You!

PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: All Photographs: FleaMarket by Troedelladen Thoms, The Knight's Dream by Antonio de Pereda, Israel-Egypt Border Fence by Idoni, Machu Picchu at dawn,  via Wikipedia, or from my personal collection.

 Until Next Time…
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Elizabeth Obih-Frank
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  1. What are you rummaging for in your head? Heart? Life? Do you still dream of visiting ancient places like Machu Picchu? Why wait?

  2. More haikus. You're contributing a lot to the literature world. :))

  3. wow there is a library of work here. Very well done

  4. I always try to view life in a positive way. But I know life is never perfect. When I think of rummage, I feel sad. I don't exactly know why but it seems it's like finding a love that you lost. I hope I make sense :)

  5. Still confused and finding love? It will come in time...we need not look for it.

  6. TY Tet! I'm renewing my love for haiku even though I'm a bit rusty. :-)

  7. TY Leslie! You are so kind... :-) Hope to read some from you soon.

  8. Mayette, your interpretation is quite right. I found that the Rummage word drew me to love, relationships and their challenges. TY!

  9. TY Glenda! All good things come to he who waits... I agree. ;-)

  10. I think we all spend our lives rummaging for something. The beauty is finding order in chaos, which we can do when we find God. :-)

  11. My favorite lines are "The weary traveler rests" and jumbled by old dreams. Nicely done!

  12. Awesome post Eliz ... a lot to read.

  13. There is chaos everywhere but we can live peaceably with others if we wish to.

  14. Interesting haiku.. nowadays there is lots of chaos but there can be peace too.

  15. I love all the paintings. Lovely! :-)

  16. I also think that love is very unpredictable. There's nothing else that we can do but take the risk and trust wholeheartedly.

  17. Its good to think positive everyday...

  18. "Under clouds, cloaks, masks, lies love
    Jumbled by old dreams"

    very well said...

  19. Your haiku make us pause and reflect Eliz...They compel us to rummage our thoughts, look beyond the fence that we have put our thoughts behind...

  20. "Touched by healing dew
    A cold heart thaws eagerly
    Love's memories found"

    - my favorite :D

  21. i love how you're able to come up with haikus so naturally. such a reflection of your creative personality.

  22. Awesome Haikus.
    In time, you will find what you are searching for. Just wait for the right time.

  23. Loved the different takes n Rummage ... beautiful post :-)

  24. Yet another beautiful post.. i could not imagine myself interpreting haiku's like you do

  25. Rummaging makes you look up for that one-of-a-kind thing that you wished for :)

  26. Well said Marie Angeli, we thrive with the spirit of God's grace. :-)

  27. TY Kendall! I appreciate the feedback ;-)

  28. TY Kristjaan! I don't know how you keep finding great haiku topics for us. :-)

  29. Indeed, truth spoken wisely. TY Farida! :-)

  30. Yes Dominique, sometimes I wonder if we will find our global equilibrium again... TY!

  31. I agree Lady Abit, we do the best we can and the rest falls into the rummage... :-) TY!

  32. Holding unto the positive helps for sure Rosegen. TY!

  33. TY Janz! I struggled with that one so I'm glad you like it.

  34. TY Reshma! Your comment has given me encouragement to keep going. I struggle with haiku and I'm glad to be back trying my hand at it again. ;-)

  35. TY so much Linnor! It's one of my favs too. :-)

  36. TY Amrit! I had some fun with this exercise. I must confess though that I'm a bit rusty. :-)

  37. Rosemarie, TY for your kind words... I bet you'll do great at haiku writing.

  38. Beautifully shared Marie... Love it! TY. ;-)

  39. I love your Haikus as always! beautifully done, great photos as well.:)

  40. Very interesting to know what is haiku all about, Thanks for sharing.

  41. Very interesting to know what=t is haiku all about, Thanks for sharing.

  42. The saying on hope is beautiful. At the moment, I am hopeful to get back on with my exercise routine. Discipline, please come back now. :)

  43. For some people, how come their life does not look as if there's any rummage at all?

  44. No. It's not rusty at all. If I have only more time, I want to create more poems, stories, and a lot of literature.

  45. Writing haiku is really a challenge, because saying profound thoughts in so few a words is no mean feat! Love this batch! :)

  46. I'm so speechless with the photos you share on this post Eliz. Especially the last one.

  47. We all rummage in this thing called life. It is how we survive.


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