A Poem: And Ten Things About Hope…

“Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out” Vaclav Havel

Hope: A Sunrise...

Goddess of Hope...

When I received the prompt for Mamakat’s Writers Workshop, I was pleased to read one on Hope. Given the global turmoil, political upheavals and ongoing battles around the world, we could all use some Hope in our lives. Actually, without hope we are in deep trouble for it keeps us believing that all things come to those who trust and believe in positive outcomes. Don't forget today is Earth Hour Day and it starts at 8:30pm worldwide.

For this assignment, I have written both a short poem and ten things I see that remind me of hope. Hope is a magical word because it reminds us of the possibility of  change in expected outcomes. Sometimes, when we try new things or go to a new place, we hope that all will turn out well. We hope that people will welcome us and treat us with love and respect, and we even hope for a decent meal. And when it works out, we are happy...

Since life is full of unexpected events; surprises both pleasant and otherwise, a hopeful heart is a good thing to have. Our ego tells us we decide, we create, we manifest, and that is true up to a point and then our trust, faith and hope must kick in to accomplish the rest. My hope is that we maintain a spirit of humility and hopefulness in all things... and that we remain open to receive the grace of hope when it shows up.
The Prompt:
2.) April is national poetry month… Write a poem about hope.
When I think of Hope, I see ten things that affirm my trust in a higher power;
✿♡✿A Welcoming Sunrise.
✿♡✿A Stunning Sunset.
✿♡✿A Bird’s Nest.
✿♡✿Clear Clean Water.
✿♡✿The Warmth of Smiling Strangers. More on the Ten Things I see and the Poem "Guided by Hope" Below...

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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Albert Einstein

Hope: Brightly Hued Bluebirds
Hope: A Double Rainbow...

Hope is a blessed gift that all of us can use in good and difficult times. The more we connect with a spirit of hopefulness, the more the universe blesses us with surprises and gifts. When I think of Hope I See Ten Things...contd
✿♡✿An Array of Yellow Daffodils.
✿♡✿The Cool Calm Ocean.
✿♡✿The Magic of a Double Rainbow.
✿♡✿Brightly hued Blue Birds.
✿♡✿A Picturesque Walking Path.

Guided by Hope… by eliz obih-frank
When I trust that spirit will guide my every step; certain calm pervades the space…
I do not need to fret or fuss nor burn a bridge or curse the race
When Hope comes calling, answer the door, she will not tarry anymore
If you feel down, don’t wear a crown of thorns and poison berries…
Pick up your wares, let go of fears, and find a way to make merry
For Hope sees through our pleas and pains and seeks new ways to ease the strain
And Hope seeks out the meek and maimed and pumps goodwill through every vein…
Thus Hope assures the weak and tame and brings them closer to that place
Of light, of life, of peace, of pride, and guides all to their destiny…

What are your thoughts? What does Hope mean to you?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment/question. Thank You!

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PHOTO CREDITS/ATTRIBUTIONS: Photo of Sunrise via Wikipedia, Spes of Hope via Wikipedia,  Mountain Bluebird via Wikipedia,  Double Rainbow via Wikipedia 

Until Next Time…
Ask. Believe. Receive.
© Elizabeth Obih-Frank
Mirth and Motivation
Positive Kismet


  1. of course HOPE is one of the most important strategies to survive ...

  2. Beautiful! These things are all amazing! Stopping by to show you some luv for the Spotlight Saturday blog hop! :)

  3. Thank you Tree and FrizzText for your feedback and I send you weekend cheer. Hope to hear from the rest of you I connected with and left comments for on the blog hops. Would love to hear from you too! :-)
    Sending all weekend hugs,

  4. Hi, great post, thanks for the inspiring words. :)

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  6. inspirational. thank you.

    Thanks for stopping by A Mom Can Dream, I'm following you back now.

  7. I love the pics - they really DO capture hope!

  8. I love how the pictures truly capture hope!

  9. I love the positive message you're sending! Thanks for stopping by! I am following you back. :)


  10. I entered my information in JustLuxe web site and hope to pack up my stuff and fly very soon to my chosen destination.
    Bon Voyage!!
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  11. I signed up for the trip to Greece and if I win I will kiss you!

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  14. This is an inspiring, calming, reassuring poem! I especially like the lines:
    "For Hope sees through our pleas and pains and seeks new ways to ease the strain
    And Hope seeks out the meek and maimed and pumps goodwill through every vein…"

    1. Thank you Deborah!! I re-read this today and noticed your comment... Oddly, I really needed some encouragement today and this brought a tear to my eyes. I must remember it.


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