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“Remember today, for it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true.” Anon
Inspired Woman by William Adolphe Bouguereau in 1898
For many years, I believed that the only way I could get inspired to write or do any creative work was by listening to specific types of music, in a specific spot, thinking specific thoughts. Of course, when all my props were not lined up like baby ducklings in a row, I would beg off the creative activity and do something else. As time went by, I realized that if I didn't take the time to get creative, to find inspiration even in the mundane, I'd never get my creative projects completed. I needed what Tony Robbins calls "massive action."

But, the mind is a powerful instrument and we can make all the excuses we want in the world and justify them with facts and more facts. However, in recent months, I have felt a shift, call it an affirmation that when we put our mind to the grindstone and do the work, inspiration will find us. With effort, sooner or later, she will come calling because the work must get done and whatever we resist persists.

So when I received MamaKat's Writer's Workshop prompts this week, I choose  - (1.) Lesson learned!  Here are some of the 10 lessons I learned on finding and staying inspired: 

Lesson 1: Inspiration happens all the time and we can be inspired by the most mundane to the most sublime thing; if we pay attention.
Lesson 2: While it is often encouraged to set a schedule for creative work, you can choose to follow a thought, a word, or an image whenever it occurs and use it as an inspiring guide; pause.
Lesson 3: When you walk into a familiar place next time, decide to pay close attention and see the space/place as if with new eyes; you will be nicely surprised; observe.
Lesson 4: When driving for an errand, choose to try another approach to your familiar one; play a new radio station, park in a different location and walk back, take another route and look around; listen.

After my JustLuxe and Blog Hop invitations below, I will share the rest of  the ten (10) lessons I learned about finding our inspiration and how to use it to help us maintain and refocus on our creative goals.

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Lesson 5: We all talk about the muse but sometimes automatic, on-the-spot writing, painting or other creative endeavor can offer some wondrous gifts; act.

Lesson 6: Walking offers us a chance to clear our head but many of us carry music; try turning the sound off for a while and then pay close attention to the music when it's back on; change.
Lesson 7: At times, frustration sets in during a creative endeavor and as a deadline or other plans creep in, our tension rises. Stop, breathe deeply, step away and do something else for a few minutes and then come back and finish the task at hand; breathe.
Lesson 8: If no ideas surface and no images appear, ask your heart for a word to offer the project and then use that word as a prompt to guide your effort; ask.
Lesson 9: Start each day with a prayer or an intention asking for inspiration and clarity; meditate/reflect for a while and then go for it; pray/reflect.
Lesson 10: If 1-9 don't help, put the project to bed, get some rest, read, take time out, enjoy the company of others and then come back to your work with a new affirmation: All answers are within me. I can do this task with ease... Then Go to it! :-)
What other approaches help you find and maintain your inspiration? Do share!

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Don't be afraid to seize every moment to seek the grace and inspiration you can find in it. Unless we take a chance and try a new way of doing things and follow our promptings whenever they come, we will keep hoping for our muse to deliver inspirational moments on a platter... sometimes it does and at other times it doesn't. Keep your eyes, ears and heart attuned to your inner guide. She will show up. What are your thoughts? An inspiration awaits you!  

I would love to hear from you.  Please leave me a comment/question. Thank You!  

PHOTO CREDITS:   Photograph of an Inspired Woman - Inspiration by William Adolphe Bouguereau via Wikipedia  

Until Next Time… 
Ask. Believe. Receive. 
© Elizabeth Obih-Frank  
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  1. Great Post! It is so easy to expect inspiration to 'hit!' I love the ideas you offer of changing up the routine to find inspiration! We get so bogged down in our daily activities- let's shake it up a bit!!

  2. Wow! Great list! Very encouraging because I too can be a set place/time/environment kind of person to feel creative, so this helps set me free!

  3. inspiration will find us... as the philosopher NIETZSCHE said: not you will find a thought, the thought will find YOU!

  4. Really great little reminders to not miss opportunities or the world happening around us. I particularly like #1.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your post last week on Tips for Balancing Life on my weekend blog hop at La Bella Vita! I need (and so many others too) this information to live a more healthy lifestyle! Looking forward to reading what you share this weekend too! Sending love and light your way! Roz

  6. I can't believe I didn't find you earlier! Great posts. Love the pictures of all the great places everyone should go.

  7. Thanks for the follow. I am your newest follower.


  8. Hi Elizabeth, I featured you today over on my blog; hope you can stop by. Roz

  9. Good Morning,

    These are very good tips. I noticed tiredness can be a killer for inspiration especially if you are tired physically and mentally, no coffee can save you and there is no way I will get inspired. I am new follower, come to visit and follow me on my blog http://pfinusa.blogspot.com

  10. I am new here and see that yours is a blog I want to spend time reading. So don't mind if I click around for a bit and read more inbetween doing my household chores. I'll try to be quiet and not bother you.


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