Grandma: That Special Brand of Love…

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". -Maya Angelou
Special folk are like Rare flowers flora by E. Guinther

In life, there are always people who make us feel extra special; people who applaud us wholeheartedly and treat us with dignity and respect. I call them angels of light. If you are fortunate to come across such a soul, in your lifetime, honor the gift and thank them with all your heart.

One of MamaKat's Writing Workshop prompts for this week is the Maya Angelou quote above and when I saw it, #4, I was thrilled because I knew that this would be a way to  share part of my paternal Grandma's story and spread some of her light and love...

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My paternal grandmother was such a blessed soul. She had spent all her life in the village where my father grew up and she worked extra hard; farming and trading livestock and crops every day of her life until she went blind from glaucoma in her late 70s. She made sure that her last child, my dad, went to school and got an education, as the missionaries assured her that he would be able to provide for her, in her old age, if he got an education.

Years later, my dad was able to honor his mother's dreams of providing for the larger household and she fussed over us, her grandchildren, with great pride and joy. What I remember best about Dada, as we called her affectionately, was the tender way she held my hand when I spoke to her and her warm smile always assuring me that my ideas were valid and that everything would be alright.

Dada was small and feisty but she had a heart of gold. Perhaps my optimism was inherited from her as I don't recall her bemoaning a bad day or terrible weather for more than a minute... then off she would go to share a hug, tell a funny story or simply pass on much needed advise to a member of our extended family.

She passed away when I was in High School and because I was abroad, I couldn't go to her funeral. I didn't get a chance to say a proper goodbye and that made me sad. I miss her warm smile, her wisdom, her sense of humor but above all, I miss how she made me feel. Is there someone in your life who has helped you and made you feel special? Have you had a chance to thank them? Do share.

Some Food for Thought: What memories do you hold of that special someone in your life? Does someone see you in the same light?  I would love to hear from you: Please leave me a comment. Thank You!

PHOTO CREDITS:   Photograph of a flower of Capparaceae by Eric Guinther via Wikipedia

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  1. What a very sweet and beautiful story! One of my grandmothers was so very similar in spirit - worked hard to provide for the entire family (her parents, brother, and children). But no matter what her hardship, she had the sweetest spirit. An Angel on earth. I miss her tremendously.

  2. I enjoyed your post and memories. I am looking forward to being a grandma soon, I only hope I can pass along those same feelings. Great post!

  3. What an amazing flower! I feel like that flower sometimes. Thanks for the post.

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  5. There are many ppl in my life who I have met along the way who I hold dear to my heart. My family was torn years ago & I do believe God placed MANY angels along my path.

    Thanks for sharing your Dada story. :)

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  9. Thank you ladies, I have returned the comment love by visiting your blogs, leaving comments and following you on twitter. Thanks again for for your goodwill. :-)

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  11. Can anyone live up to their grandmothers? Lovely story and flower.


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