Thursday Thoughts VI: Exquisite Bedrooms & Pillow Talk...

"And if tonight my soul may find her peace in sleep, and sink in good oblivion, and in the morning wake like a new-opened flower then I have been dipped again in God, and new-created." ~ D.H. Lawrence

Every time I see one of those wonderful ads for a Caribbean vacation, I am always struck by the beautiful, open air sleeping quarters, set against a backdrop of the bluest ocean and the brightest skyline with sparkling stars. I find myself swept up in a day dream of luxuriating on a sandy, sunny private beach with a bed out in the open, celebrating nature’s beauty; cuddled under fluffy 1000 count pure pearly beige Egyptian cotton sheets; down filled pillows, an eiderdown/duvet in the softest billowy cotton; the smell of lavender everywhere.

Tell The Truth Thursday

Tell The Truth Thursday
How does your ideal bedroom look? What kind of furniture, window treatments, knock knacks, colors etc would you use?

This week's prompt had me thinking about what I love in luxury hotel rooms and what I would consider the ideal bedroom set up... Of course, if we think -outdoors - then it's on a whole other level of sleep satisfaction... What do you imagine your dream sleeping quarters will look like? See more of my selections below...

"The bed is a bundle of paradoxes:  we go to it with reluctance, yet we quit it with regret; we make up our minds every night to leave it early, but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late."  ~Charles Caleb Colton

I think about the ideal bedroom and I see minimalism: simple clean lines - a sleigh bed with very modern touches. No frou frou window treatments or excessive colors. I find that I prefer the calming shades of baby blue, beige, white, taupe, omelette… Anything else and my sleep is interrupted by the clashing of strong colors invading my sleep and making insomnia a regular partner… I want a simple room of my own where I can display a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers which then offset the beige and taupe. That’s my kind of bedroom.

I like custom blinds; particularly blinds made of light wood or twine. I want the sunlight to wake me in the morning and it would be hard if heavy, velvet curtains or something in that vein interferes. I think bedrooms should have an air of lightness especially as it is a place of rest... candles, sunlight, flowers, music; all add to the ambiance of a bedroom. A bedside table, a few books, a prayer alter, water fountain, the lull of running water and the room becomes sacred... that is my ideal bedroom. More Later...

All Photos of luxury bedding, beds and more  ~ courtesy of Nhit-Shis, ArhZine, PlanetPinkGreen

TripAdvisor.com, Exquisite-Design and Pineapple fish 

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Elizabeth Obih-Frank


  1. I was about to get very Jelly if this was your home:) I wish it was for you! Following you back...Wendy M

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  3. I fell in love with the first one. I could actually picture myself in it.
    Found you on Friendly Friday

  4. nice bedrooms.. like the ones that open up to the beach.. simple and beautiful... going to sleep now- dreaming of bedrooms on the beach with fresh sheets and ocean breezes... good nite.

  5. Wow, those are some incredible rooms! I love the idea of outside sleeping, sounds wonderful! The sounds of nature, a nice breeze, how great!

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  9. Oh, I'd love for a HGTV designer to come in and make things matchy matchy!

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  11. Those pics certainly make for some fun day-dreaming.

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  13. Oh.My.Word! All of those look incredible and inviting! I stopped by via Java's Follow Friday 40 & Over. Love your blog look.

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  14. Wow... makes me want a vacation!!!!!!

    kewl site... Just found you through following Fridays..

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  16. Looks like perfection! We're in the process of building a home and I dream of having a bedroom that feels like a hotel room! I am a mum of three and we're adopting twins from Ethiopia! I found your blog on Design It Chic blog hop and look forward to following along and hope you may want to do the same! Have a great weekend!
    beneath the acacia tree

  17. You've got me daydreaming and yearning to go somewhere luxurious...There's a lodge in Big Sur, off the coast of California, that has yurts on a hillside. That would be fun to hole up in one that overlooks the ocean.
    Su-sieee! Mac
    This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

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  19. Lovely blog! I am blog hopping from Follow Friday, and spent way too much time daydreaming over these pictures...


  20. Hi Elizabeth,
    These are really stunning!
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    Have a great weekend!

  21. My ideal bedroom would be one with a window opened with a view on the sea. A great bed with white linnen and red color, curtains etc. in the room.

    It would be great to feel the warm wind going through the room.

    When I was young I used to bbq at the beach and stay there, spend the night with a group of friends. I don't know if it is possible to do that now.

    I was born and grew up in the Caribbean. But the Island isn't the same anymore, like when I was very young.
    You should experience it in a way. It's a great feeling .

  22. WOW, I would give anything to be there right now!

    I am stopping by to say hello! We are also Dream Team members!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

    Just Married with Coupons

  23. Perfect bliss! The views are spectacular.

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  26. Oooooh! It looks so wonderful to sleep under the stars, with the sound of the waves and feel the gentle breezes.

    I stayed in a hotel in Florida that had a bed that was just like sleeping on a cloud. My husband tried to get the same bed and bedding from them for our house, but of course they couldn't. I guess that's what makes a vacation so wonderful - a great night's sleep!

  27. I always like this is type of article. Thank you.

  28. Those pictures just make me want to drool, and take a vacation myself!

  29. Beautiful choices. Mine would be that first picture, or a tree house with a beautiful canopy...

  30. Thanks for the follow!
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  31. The pictures are wonderful! Any of them would be my dream bedroom !I am your newest follower:)

  32. My friend posted a photo of the beach and those colorful chairs in your last photo. Such a lovely though of spending a day in the beach. Must try that soon!

  33. I like mine spacious and comfortable with an adjacent bathroom too. I'd like to create a nook where I can work too :)

  34. Those bedrooms are love. I always dream of those kinds of bedroom with a huge bed, soft foams, pillows and cozy linens :)

  35. like you, i want a minimalist kind of bedroom, it doesn't matter if it's small or big, that's fine. i also like neutral colors like beige and taupe, baby blue and white, too. i would just add color by putting some accent throw pillow perhaps or have a change of curtains so as to change the atmosphere of the room if i like. :-)

  36. Those are really lovely and comfy beds and bedrooms. I always dream of those...

  37. Now I want to go there for a honeymoon !!wait i'm not married yet lol :p the bedrooms are amazing they look cozy and comfortable love them. I wish I can go there *.* <3


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