Summer Memories: Five Images for a Perfect Summer

Wrap Up: Five Musts for a Perfect Summer

“Then followed that beautiful season... Summer... Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood.”- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Summer Flowers Blooming
As I mentioned in my WordPress blog, this summer has been very busy as I spent tons of time flitting around with family, friends, and handling time sensitive issues that kept me on my toes. One of my goals for the summer was to put more energy into developing my blogging efforts. I started by revamping an old blog; basically starting it from scratch, joining a few more online bloggers’ communities, and at the top of my list was joining a Writer’s Workshop. I did that last week when I became a member of Mamakat’s Writer’s Workshop.

Kathy of Mamakat’s generously devotes part of her busy schedule, as a mom of three, to send weekly prompts to the group. We choose one from a short list, write on it and then add it to a page link where everyone gathers to click and give comments/support to at least 3 other bloggers. I love the idea because it gives me another stab at being part of a group of writers with a common goal.

Mama's Losin' It

This week’s prompt: What five images paint a perfect picture of summer to you? Put those five images together in a piece of writing.
I love the assignment above because summer is one of my favorite seasons of the year…. The truth is I love the changing seasons; however, summer is particularly special because you get to see a parade of bright colors and do plenty of outdoorsy things. Since this is a photo journal exercise, I will name my five musts for the summer and share relevant shots with comments. Please add yours too. Sit back and enjoy.

“The dandelions and buttercups gild all the lawn: the drowsy bee stumbles among the clover tops, and summer sweetens all to me.”- James Russell Lowell

Flowers Blooming: Flowers bloom year round but summertime flowers are the most colorful of blooms. In the summer, the earth spews forth her glorious colors by sending us a bounty of both wild and cultivated flowers. Perennials pop up to say hello again and make us smile. The rich variety and hues we see in the summer make flowers one of my favorite images to recall when I think of things I love about summertime.

Outdoor Fountains: I’ve always found active water fountains mesmerizing. When they spew water in powerful bursts through creatively designed spigots, I can sit in front of one for hours. The famous fountains are also aesthetically appealing to the human eye and serve the purpose of giving us a way to divert our attention, release pent up energy, and tune in to the sound of the water falls. I love the gentle spraying mist that keeps the air fresh and our skin moisturized. Most huge, public space fountains are turned on in the summer so it is one of my fondest images of summer time.


Ice Cream & Caravans: Ice cream is another all time summer favorite. The ice cream trucks come out and you can eat it on the street as you walk along sight seeing or hanging out with friends and family. New flavors are introduced and you can try a wide range of flavors from Ice cream makers old and new. Children love ice cream and nothing is more appealing than watching a kid joyfully consume a cup or cone.  I love vanilla and coffee ice cream but I am always open to new flavors. I almost forgot caravans... my memories are from my childhood in England. Families took caravan trips to different parts of the country. It was a way to sight-see and commune with nature...

Lemonade Stands: A huge summer time tradition, mainly in the USA, and one many parents love to encourage. It is inevitable that when you step out in the summertime, you will come across kids selling cups of lemonade. Young children learn customer service and math as they sell their cold drinks to passersby. It can be seen as the underpinning of an entrepreneurial spirit. I love the tradition even though I didn’t grow up with it.

Sand & Beach: Visiting the beach is synonymous with summer time. People gather on weekends or during vacation to go dip their toes in the ocean, walk on the sand, swim or surf. One can also just spend time hanging out and reading a book while getting a tan. I love water and the ocean, but I am not as fond of sand. Hence I love to look at beaches but not spend as much time on them. It is a strong image and a favorite summer time activity for millions of people around the world. What are your summer time images? Do Share. Thank you!

Summer Flowers Blooming ~ via TripAdvisor
Summer Bloom ~ via LaidoutinLavender 
Flowers Blossom ~ via Funkbutter in Photobucket
Buckingham Fountain Chicago ~ via earthinpictures

Trafalgar Sq Fountain ~ via Holidaybeds
Ice Cream cones ~ via NYMag 

Vanilla Ice cream ~ via AzcookbookCaravan ~ via Swedesres
Lemonade Stand ~ via Google Images
Lemonade Stand ~ via Better the world
Beach in Argentina ~ via Argentinatravel
Beach art by Andrew Van Der Merwe ~ via DigitalArt
All Photos ~ courtesy of Google Images

Until Next Time…
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Elizabeth Obih-Frank


  1. Great post! Its a perfect summer post :)
    I enjoy ice-cream more in winters.
    I am your newest follower
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. what a great list of what makes summer special.
    you found some beautiful photos to go with your post.

    have a lovely weekend.

  3. My daughter sells lemonade at her Pap's house but after her Pap pay her a dollar she quits lol..

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    Etcerera Etcetera
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  4. I think you picked perfect pictures to represent summer! Thanks for stopping by recently and your kind comments!!

  5. I am your newest follower from the Follow Friday blog hops hope you will drop in and check out my blog at kittycrochettwo.blogspot.com
    Have an awesome weekend.

  6. The pictures of the flowers were my favorites.

    Thanks for following me - following back! Have a great weekend!

  7. Love your blog! Following you back.

  8. Hi. I am following back from the blog hop. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I absolutelly love this post. The pics are amazing. Summer down here in SA can be very hot but man is it great. If you need any help finding great places just let me know as I reside in Johannesburg and will be off to see my family in Cape Town this December.

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  13. Thank you Amanda and Sherrie for being my 100th and 101st Google friends! I feel like I should have arranged a giveaway or something... Thanks again to both of you and Thank You EVERYONE for your help and support. You all Rock!

  14. I enjoyed this post just as much as the one on your WordPress blog! The pictures were gorgeous and you have a wonderful way with words! The Lemonade Stand is something that my girls (13 and 10) do every year at some time or another, and they always have a blast!

    Thanks again for following and congrats on reaching over 100...I was excited to see 12!

  15. Those flowers are absolutely amazing! I've never seen anything like it before. I'm in awe.

    I love, love, love water fountains - so much so I even had indoor fountains at my other house. Hmmm. . . another thing to add to my list for the garden in my new house. A project for next year!

    Well written and great photos.

  16. Lovely journey through summertime!! Those flowers are so unique!! ;D

  17. I'm still catching up on my comments and reads from last week's Writer's Workshop!

    I had to laugh about ice cream. Most people gain weight during the Winter months but I do from the summer, mostly due to ice cream and all of the yummy treats at fairs and festivals! Beautiful photos!

  18. Shaved ice, sprinklers, sweet sun tea, flip flops, and extra books! Life is great, a day during the summer makes it better!!

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  21. I love lemonade, it's really a thirst quencher. And of course ice cream. Summer is here.

    Mommy Maye2

  22. Lovely choices... I would choose the same, too... especially, flowers, ice cream, beach, lemonade and the fountains! In the US, I saw them dunk into the fountain to avoid the heat wave. Here, i don't think we could jump into the fountain...I am sure we will be fined!

  23. The photos are really stunning. I hope someday I can have such collections too. I love ice cream by the way..hehehe

  24. wow, those photos are all very beautiful. the kids with the lemonade stand is so cute, too. :-)

  25. Great post! I think of all those things when I think about summer too. Summer also makes me think about star gazing, bbq, music & picnics. I can't wait! lol

  26. Beautiful photos and quotes are inspiring. This post makes me really look forward to summer.

  27. The gorgeous flower images and the beach are my two favorites on the list of summer pictures. I grow flower every summer and go to he ocean as much as time allows.

  28. Great post! I love the flower pic. So pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  29. i love these images..
    nothing can describe summer best than ice cream , lemonade, the beach and flowers

  30. I love the photos, very beautiful. The quotes are very inspiring to start the day. You are a great writer.

  31. the photos ar gorgeous And so ar the amazing quotes and beautiful evocative photos


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