Road Safety: Twelve Tips For the Summer and Beyond…

"Call on me in the day of trouble and I will deliver you." Psalm 50:15

Recently, a road trip accident on my way to Canada on Highway I-190 reminded me about the importance of learning and practicing road safety habits that could save lives and help us be cognizant of what we do while driving.  I wrote about my harrowing tire blow-out incident on my WordPress blog Mirth and Motivation and how we were saved by God's grace and a calm, focused reaction to the incident.

While I was not violating any of the safety tips listed below or driving distracted, it still took grace and effort to steer the car to safety. The fact that I was clearheaded and focused helped tremendously and that is why it is imperative that we take these simple life-saving suggestions to heart. In an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness, I am seizing the moment to share tips and hopefully save lives.

For most drivers, getting into a car and driving to work or to complete errands is something simple; we do it without much forethought.  Yet road accidents accounted for about 33,963 fatalities in the USA last year. Taking the simple precautions/tips below can make a great difference and help save lives. 

According to statistics from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the numbers for 2009  (33,963 as above) showed a reduction in fatalities from the year before. We hope and pray that the numbers for 2010 will be even lower.

As a parent of teenagers, one thing I noticed is that summer time brings a lot more new/inexperienced drivers to our streets. School is out, kids are on vacation, and many a bored teen or young college adult might be sorely tempted to practice their fantasy NASCAR dreams to tragic results. Of course we must also remember that NASCAR drivers are experienced, expert car-racing professionals in a controlled environment and, in case we forget, they sometimes get hurt too.

Please follow the road safety tips listed below to ensure that the rest of the summer and beyond remain joyful memories spent with our loved ones doing things that lengthen our lives. 

"The door to safety swings on the hinges of common sense." ~Author Unknown
♥ Drive safely within requisite speed limits

♥ Reduce speeds in poor weather conditions: use these tips: for thunderstorms/rain, heavy fog and other poor weather conditions 

♥ Make sure you and all passengers have seat-belts on; it's the law.

♥ Pay attention to the road, cars and surroundings; distracted driving kills.

♥ Don’t drink, do drugs and drive – you need your wits (calmness/logic).

♥ Don’t text or chat on cell phones while driving; that text or call is not worth dying for.

♥ Make sure car and tires are checked; click the links to learn how to handle a highway tire blow-out and to use other important tips too.

♥ Skip the flip flops and dark shades; wearing proper shoes and eye wear/frames you can see through clearly rule
♥ Stay focused, calm and confident on the road.

♥ Make sure you have had enough sleep before driving.

♥ Take a defensive driving course; the points you earn reduces your insurance premiums and gives you life saving skills like these from Smart Motorist.com.

♥ Pull off the road when necessary (head for the right shoulder unless there is a clearly defined left shoulder) and call immediately for assistance.

Our roads get crowded in the summer with seasonal drivers out and about. It is imperative that we exercise care and vigilance on the road. Follow the tips above to shore up your confidence on the road.; this is particularly key for the elderly, new/recently licensed, and young drivers.  

Even with our good driving habits, accidents do occur. If you are in an accident, stay calm/positive, again follow the suggestions offered via the links and above, trust and pray that all will be well and ask for the help you need; it will be provided and you will be fine.

Have you had any driving incidents you’d like to share? What insights have you learned?  Any tips and thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Elizabeth Obih-Frank


  1. Safety on the roads, so important, I know, I had and accident about two years ago, I was not too bad, the car though needed much work to do, even though I was driving carfully at the time , I have to say if there was another car there on the same road as me it could've ended up in more damage and tragedy;
    I've seen your comment on the blogfrog on Friday follow, ok I know it's Sunday but I thought I stop by and say hi, I'm gonna follow you and come back soon
    have a nice day

  2. Great reminder!

    My boys haven't got their driver's license yet, so whenever I drive I give them "tips". It keeps me on my toes too!

    So glad your accident was minor. Have a great day!

  3. Hello Elizabeth!

    Greetings from Austria and 31DBBB!

    I was so psyched to read that you've lived in so many places! I can identify with that!

    Your blog has a beautiful design -- it feels cool and relaxing....

    Why do you have one here at Blogger and another on WP? I use the Blogger interface so I can post from any internet cafe, but am wondering if WP is better?

    How are you enjoying or not the Challenge?

    I'd like to stay in touch -- I like your writing style and "message".

    Take care and drive safely. Really (lotsa nuts out there!).


  4. Hi Elizabeth!

    Greetings from Austria and 31DBBB!

    Your blog here is lovely -- really cool and relaxing. I'm enjoying your writing style and message -- will bookmark you!

    It's nice to find other people who've lived a little bit around the place -- I can identify!

    Hope to hear from you,


  5. Hello Ewa, Nan, Cass, & Andree,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate your feedback and good wishes... I commented back and followed you all back where feasible :-)
    Ewa, I am glad the road accident didn't end badly and we were very lucky for sure.
    Nan, I enjoyed your great travel story and have followed and commented too. :-)
    Cass, I have teens too and always advice them to be careful when out with friends... Thank God all are safe.
    Andree, I am looking forward to enjoying your photography and travels. I hope your Danube trip produces lots of great shots.
    Have a great week all!

  6. Thanks eof777
    Do not forget to put you blog on Follow Me Monday.

  7. Following back! This is a pretty great blog you have going!

  8. Found you through Nan!
    Great tips for the road.
    Experience definitely has it's safety advantages!

  9. Hi Holly,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I find that the summer is a time young adults practice driving; sometimes at great speeds. We can all stand to remember simple road safety tips. I will stop by your blog to say hello.

  10. Thanks for your visit Emily! I had a great time reading your blog posts too and have followed you back.
    Have a great week!

  11. These are seriously great tips! One of my father's expertise is defensive driving and I've been drilled with so much of these stuffs that I get so frustrated with how bad people in Jakarta drives lol. Great blog btw, I'm stopping by from SITS Blog Frog :D

  12. Thank you Maureen... Good for you to have a Dad drilling the good stuff in you. We all need to learn this. Will stop by your blog and say hello!

  13. Coming up our way, eh?? Yep, totally am with you on the safety while driving, sometimes it is so easy to be distracted, and could have disastrous consequences...

  14. Yep...Kelly, I was on my way to your beautiful country when metal hit the pavement. All is well. Thank God!

  15. Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Friday hops!!! Nice to meet you! So glad you were kept safe. Great tips!

    Would love it if you'd come visit & follow back too. :)
    Lisa xoxo

  16. How very nice of you to stop by from "Follow Friday" and I totally agree with Road Safety... My kids were in seat belts from the very first day!
    The roads have too many cars going much too fast.. we also don't talk on the cells!!
    Following you now!!

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following=)

    Driving is a dangerous task that we all must face each day. More of us need to pay attention on the roads to make them safer for everyone=)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Hubby and I go together so he is mostly like the one driving. But every time we go I always say a prayer, for safety and protection on the road and also for the other drivers out there. We didn't know what is going on when we leave home, a prayer is foremost our shield and of course follow the safety rules, no putting on make-up, no texting, no talking on the phone and all those stuff. ^_^
    By the way thanks for the following I followed you too. Love your blog. Have a blessed weekend!

  19. Hi there....new follower from the Friday Blog Hops. Very inspirational blog you have. I will look forward to reading more.

    Hoping you'll drop by for a visit when you get a moment. I love new followers and friends.



    The Things We Find Inside

  20. stopping in from Blog Hop Friday. I just switched over from Wordpress to Blogger and I still have a few kinks to work out. I now have my follow page on my blog if you would like to come back for another visit. http://lifedepicted.blogspot.com

    You have a beautiful Blog. My husband drives a Tanker Truck locally for a living and he sees SO MANY fatal accidents on the road, so I can really relate to this post. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Happy Birthday eof777 here August 7 :-)

  22. Thank you all for your comments and well wishes! Thanks too Nan for the birthday cheers!
    I will definitely follow everyone on Nan's Friday list by end of this weekend as it's a great way to read other fab blogs, make new friends and followers.
    Is there a switch here to enable replies to each comment? Like Teri, I'm still learning this platform.
    Happy weekend all!

  23. Lisa, Sandy, Marty, Teri, Manang, Nan, Marie,
    Thank you all again for stopping by and leaving comments. I am following you and will stop by your blogs to visit and comment again.
    Grateful for the support!

  24. Such a truly important topic- and one I always try to keep in mind when driving such precious cargo as my family! Thanks for the reminder!

    Found you through- Mom Loop Comment Follow Friday. I'm also your newest follower now!


  25. Following back.

    Always worried about road safety with cell phones, texting, inexperienced drivers...

  26. Stopping from Mom Loop! I am following back. What an important post!

  27. Make sure to get plenty of sleep before traveling to prevent fatigue and stress while driving. Your vehicle must be fully inspected and maintained before traveling. You and your passengers should always wear seatbelts.

  28. These are good driving tips but for me I think discipline is still the best way to avoid accidents.

  29. I don't know how to drive but since I am always see the way my husband drives, I must say discipline and patience is a must when you are driving. When you are not that discipline you tend to not follow the traffic and road rules that may cause accidents. If you easily lose patience then most probably accidents may happen too or worst you might get into fight.

    Mommy Maye

  30. Thanks for the excellent driving tips. I need reminders on some of the tips you have listed.Checking tire pressure is the one I am most neglectful of. Thanks for the reminders.


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